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Sphinx Compact

Fastest, most accurate, most reliable PBS
machine QA

Sphinx Compact is your compact complete all-in-one solution for daily PBS machine QA. It uniquely combines a high-resolution detector with a comprehensive phantom to support the TG-224 QA protocol.

Save 20 minutes of QA time compared to conventional methods

  • Complete your tests in less than 10 minutes
  • Treat one more patient each day

Unrivaled QA workflow efficiency

  • Easy and super-fast setup with compact design and low weight (≈11 kg)
  • Complete all daily QA tests with a single entry into the treatment room
  • Intuitive, integrated myQA® software with automated QA analysis

Analyze your machine parameters comprehensively in

  • Visual pass-fail analysis
  • Trend analysis: detect deviations early to ensure maximum machine uptime
  • Straightforward myQA efficiently guides you through the QA steps


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Sphinx Compact Collaboration Partner

"We are clinically using Sphinx with the Lynx and myQA software for comprehensive PBS daily QA for our three Proton Therapy rooms. With the new Sphinx Compact and the myQA platform, we are planning to further reduce our daily QA dosimetry time to less than 10 minutes without sacrificing our comprehensive QA."

Suresh Rana
MS, DABR, Senior Medical Physicist Proton Therapy  
Miami Cancer Institute

IBA Dosimetry Product Sphinx Compact beam delivery

Publication about Sphinx Compact

Zhong Su et al.  Evaluations of a flat-panel based compact daily quality assurance device for proton pencil beam scanning (PBS) system

Download the Abstract (PDF)

Link to Publication

IBA Dosimetry - Proton Therapy - Sphinx Compact Article

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Sphinx Compact configured for daily QA use?

The Sphinx Compact is easily set up for Gantry at 0°/90°/270° on the treatment couch with an indexing bar and aligned with the in-room lasers and/or the fiducial markers. The standard machine QA workflow, based on the TG 224 report, is designed through the Sphinx QA protocol template in the myQA Machines software. All measurements can be accomplished very quickly with irradiation of designed spot maps.  After irradiation, analysis of test results will be automatically executed by the myQA Machines software, the images can be saved in DICOM format, and the summary of results will be ready for check.


Is it possible to remove or reconfigure the phantom blocks?

Yes. Each block of the Sphinx Compact phantom can be repositioned or removed as required. The modular design also provides the possibility for affixing user-customized blocks (with associated irradiation spot map design for user-customized measurements).

What software is needed to analyze the PBS machine QA measurements?

The following software modules enable fast and user-friendly execution of the daily test measurements and test validation: myQA Platform, myQA Machines, and the Sphinx Plugin. Please contact your IBA Dosimetry experts for details and upgrades from your existing software.

Are TG 224 recommended Machine QA tests included with Sphinx Compact?

Sphinx Compact uniquely covers tests recommended in TG 224 with Sphinx QA protocol template TG 224 General, which enables a complete and efficient execution of all PBS machine QA tests. This is also concluded by Zhong Su et al. Link to Publication


How does Sphinx Compact compare vs. the Sphinx phantom with the Lynx?

  1. Sphinx Compact enables a significantly easier and faster workflow, a key requirement for daily QA. This is supported by a single-device compact design for fast handling and setup, compared to the setup of a combination of the Lynx and Sphinx phantom.
  2. The Sphinx Compact’s amorphous silicon sensor based flat panel detector offers higher resolution (0.2 mm vs. 0.5 mm scintillator-based Lynx).
  3. Geometrical corrections are no longer needed, allowing for 100% confidence in your measurements. The Sphinx Compact solid-state array requires only uniformity and output calibration (only 1 uniformity correction vs. 3 corrections needed for Sphinx with scintillator-based Lynx).


Is Sphinx Compact compatible with all Proton Therapy systems?

Sphinx Compact with myQA Machines software provides PT machine vendor independent daily PBS QA for all main Proton Therapy systems in the market.  

What training and service packages are available for Sphinx Compact?

The IBA Dosimetry Customer Service team offers basic and advanced training sessions for all Sphinx Compact customers regarding the calibration, first installation, initial baseline measurements, TG 224 based protocol template and the associated irradiation spot map design, and also 24/7 customer service response for all your questions or issues encountered during clinical implementation.

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Requirements for Pencil Beam Scanning Daily QA

Clinical implementation of the TG224 compliant Sphinx Compact solution for efficient and accurate tests and analysis.
Presented by Suresh Rana, MS, DABR.

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