Stealth Chamber

Perturbation Free "beam invisible" Reference Signal Chamber for Relative Dosimetry

  • Use the Stealth Chamber™ with any existing water phantom
  • Excellent reproducible reference signal quality, even for SRS/ SBRT fields
  • Leverage continuous scanning efficiency without compromising measurement accuracy
  • Mounted Stealth Chamber™ design does not require frequent repositioning (as previously required for every field size change using standard reference chambers)
  • Avoid frequent walks into the linac room and save 2 hours each commissioning day
  • Ready to use without additional system upgrades or modifications

    Key Benefits:

    • Unique Efficiency
    • Universal Plug & Play
    • SRS / SBRT Commission Accuracy & Efficiency

    Stealth Chamber

    Mathias Dierl
    Head of Medical Physicists / Clinical Center Bayreuth, Germany

    The Blue Phantom² scanning system with myQA Accept and Stealth Chamber™ are the perfect combination for fast data collection! I was really surprised how easy it was to attach the Stealth Chamber™ to the LINAC with no need to change or reposition the chamber during the whole commissioning process. This saved us a lot of time. The scan results and the excellent reproducible reference signal quality absolutely satisfied all my needs!

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