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Proton Therapy QA

Targeted solutions for the most efficient QA

IBA's unique innovations for PT dosimetry are designed to minimize QA times and to maximize commissioning and patient throughput of busy PT centers.

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myQA iON

The Patient QA Environment for Proton Therapy

myQA iON is the unique Patient QA software solution for efficiency, accuracy and safety of recurrent QA checks in Proton Therapy.


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IBA Dosimetry Proton Therapy


Think big, scale smart

Unlike conventional multi-room Proton Therapy (PT) systems, IBA’s single-room solution, Proteus®ONE, is a compact proton therapy technology that is easy to install, integrate, operate, and finance. It also scalable so you can grow over time.

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Dedicated QA solutions for Proton Therapy

PT Patient QA

IBA Dosimetry Product Proton Digiphant

DigiPhant PT

Fast 2D and 3D measurement for Patient QA in Water

IBA Dosimetry Product Proton matrixx one header

MatriXX PT

PT beams high energies scan.


PT Commissioning and Beam Scanning

IBA Dosimetry Product Proton Blue Phantom PT

Blue Phantom PT*

The highest resolution for depth dose measurements

IBA Dosimetry Radiation Therapy Product Blue Phantom 2

Blue Phantom 2

3D Water Phantom System for
complete LINAC Commissioning & QA

 IBA Dosimetry Stingray Product Teaser


Faster, more accurate relative dosimetry for TPS commissioning


PT Machine QA

IBA Dosimetry Proton Therapy Product Zebra


Scan monolayer & SOBP measurements

IBA Dosimetry Product Proton Giraffe


Single-shot bragg peak measurement

IBA Dosimetry Product Proton Sphinx


Daily QA phantom for PBS pencil beam scanning

IBA Dosimetry Proton Lynx Product 2

Lynx PT

Highest accuracy and speed for
daily machine parameter verification

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myQA Machines

Integrated protocol-based QA