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Radiation Therapy

Innovative, industry-leading dosimetry solutions for safer cancer patient treatments.

IBA Dosimetry is the global market leader for independent and integrated Quality Assurance solutions and services that maximize efficiency and patient safety in Radiation Therapy, Medical Imaging, and Calibration procedures.

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QA Solutions for Radiation Therapy and more

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IBA Dosimetry Hale Ceylar Testimonial mallorca

Patient Safety: IBA Dosimetry User Voice

“Patient safety means a lot for us as physicians and medical physicists. Today, we are using highly advanced treatment systems, and with very high treatment doses to very accurately defined tumor volumes. With cutting-edge quality assurance and dosimetry solutions and processes, as well as with risk assessments, we have the means to know that we are going to treat each patient precisely and safely before we switch on the beam."  

Hale Başak Çağlar
Prof. Dr. Radiation Oncology
Anadolu Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey

Leading Innovations in Quality Assurance

Through cutting-edge innovations, IBA Dosimetry has a long history of advancing Quality Assurance in Radiation Therapy, Proton Therapy as well as in Medical Imaging. As we continue on this path, we are convinced that three drivers are essential to further innovate QA:

  • Independence of QA Solutions
  • Convergence of Machine QA and Patient QA
  • Smart synthesis of these four QA pillars:
    Measurement, Integration, Automation, and Prediction

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IBA Dosimetry Innovating and Evolving QA Shine a new light on Quality Assurance 4 Pillars

myQA® iON for Radiation Therapy

Combined Efficiency in Patient QA

Log files powered by best-in-class Monte Carlo

  • Powerful combination of best-in-class Monte-Carlo dose calculation and log files
  • Task based automation for optimized workflow efficiency
  • Fast analysis of all sources of possible errors for increased patient safety

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IBA Dosimetry myQA iON RT
IBA Dosimetry myQA SRS

myQA® SRS*

Accuracy of film QA. Efficiency of a digital detector array.

The digital SRS/SBRT Patient QA Solution

The new myQA SRS solution uniquely combines the best of both worlds:

  • unrivaled accuracy and resolution of film QA,
  • with the proven efficiency of digital detector array workflow.

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*myQA SRS is currently not available for sale in the USA. The product may not be available in your area. For availability, please contact your local IBA Dosimetry Sales organization.

IBA Dosimetry MatriXX Resolution

MatriXX Resolution*

Highest resolution for IMRT & VMAT Patient QA measurements and Machine QA

MatriXX Resolution is optimized for your workflow efficiency. The complete process is typically completed in less than 5 minutes, from detector setup to measurement to test result:

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IBA Dosimetry Radiation Product myQA Daily Check

myQA® Daily - Easy, efficient, and accurate morning QA

myQA Daily is optimized for your daily QA efficiency. The complete morning QA is typically completed in less than 5 minutes, from detector setup to measurement to test result.

The myQA Daily software is operated easily in a web browser from any workstation, laptop, or tablet PC that’s connected to your hospital network.

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Perform thousands of beam scans effortlessly. Save your valuable time and manual operations at the water phantom and scanning software. Complete your beam commissioning efficiently, conveniently, and accurately like never before! Touch the GO button to launch the world of SMARTSCAN.

IBA Dosimetry SciMoCa teaser home

Monte Carlo secondary dose check with SciMoCa™

SciMoCa sets a new standard for accuracy in secondary dose check and independent plan QA. It is bolstered by the accuracy of Monte Carlo dose calculations and identifies TPS dose errors and discrepancies with minimal effort. SciMoCa provides instantaneous feedback regarding treatment plan quality and achievement of planning objectives. 


IBA Dosimetry myQA SRS


The power of SRS revealed!

IBA Dosimetry MatriXX Resolution

MatriXX Resolution™

Highest resolution for IMRT & VMAT Patient QA

IBA Dosimetry Radiation Product myQA Daily Teaser

myQA Daily

Easy, efficient, and accurate morning QA

IBA Dosimetry Radiation Product Blue Phantom Compact

Blue Phantom COMPACT

2D Water Phantom Solution for Beam Commissioning & Annual QA

IBA Dosimetry Product Blue Phantom 2

Blue Phantom 2

3D Water Phantom System for
complete Linac Commissioning & QA

IBA Dosimetry Radiation Product Blue Phantom Helix Preview

Blue Phantom Helix

Commissioning & QA for TomoTherapy Radixact®️

IBA Dosimetry Radiation Product Compass Teaser


2-in-1 Patient Dose QA in
3D Patient Anatomy

IBA Dosimetry Radiation Product Dolphin Teaser


Most Advanced 3D Patient QA Measurements

IBA Dosimetry Product Proton matrixx one key benefits preview list


Ionization Chamber detector arrays
for efficient and precise Patient QA

IBA Dosimetry Radiation Therapy Product Razor Chamber Teaser

RAZOR Chamber

Compact Air Ionization Chamber for Relative and Absolute Dosimetry

IBA Dosimetry Radiation Product Manual WP1D Water Phantom

WP1D Water Phantom

1D stand-alone water phantom for absolute dose measurements



Next-Generation Reference Class Electrometer

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