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Advanced QA Solutions
IBA Dosimetry Radiation Product myQA Halo

Independent QA

IBA Dosimetry offers a range of solutions for the specific QA needs of the Varian Halcyon/Ethos machine. These solutions enable an independent beam acceptance, patient QA and machine QA.1)

IBA Dosimetry User's Voice: Halcyon Commissioning / Liz Crees

Liz Crees, Head of RT Physics, shares her experience with using IBA Dosimetry dedicated commissioning solutions for the Varian Halcyon at the Queens Hospital, UK.

Relative Dosimetry - Commissioning & Beam Data Collection solutions for the Varian Halcyon™/Ethos™️ ¹

IBA Dosimetry Radiation Product myQA Halo Scene & Software

myQA HALO Package
for Halcyon™ ¹/Ethos™️ ¹

The commissioning and beam data collection
package for the Varian¹ Halcyon™ ¹ /Ethos™️ ¹ machine.

IBA Dosimetry Product SMARTSCAN


Peace of Mind. Automated.

IBA Dosimetry Product Blue Phantom 2

Blue Phantom 2

3D Water Phantom System for
complete LINAC Commissioning & QA

IBA Dosimetry myQA Accept Logo

myQA Accept

Platform-based Beam Scanning
uniquely connected to Patient QA and Machine QA

IBA Dosimetry Radiation Product CC04 Teaser

CC04 Ionization Chamber

Small fields and high dose gradients measurements

IBA Dosimetry Radiation Therapy Product Razor Detector Diode Teaser

RAZOR Detector

High Performance Diode Detector for Small Field Dosimetry in RT


Commissioning Halcyon at Queen’s Hospital with IBA Dosimetry Water Phantom

Presentation of the clinical experience with the Blue Phantom for independent beam validation of the Varian Halcyon. Presented by Liz Crees, Head of Radiotherapy Physics, Queen’s Hospital, Romford, UK

Absolute Dosimetry

IBA Dosimetry Radiation Product Dose 1

Dose 1

Single Channel High-Performance Reference Class Electrometer

IBA Dosimetry Product Dose 2 Teaser

Dose 2

Reference class electrometer for measurements of absorbed dose

IBA Dosimetry Radiation Product WP1D

WP1D Water Phantom

1D stand-alone water phantom for absolute dose measurements

IBA Dosimetry WP34 Radiation

WP34 Calibration Water Phantom

Absolute dose measurements.


Machine QA

IBA Dosimetry Radiation Product myQA Daily Teaser

myQA Daily

Easy, efficient, and accurate morning QA

IBA Dosimetry Product StarTrack

StarTrack* Detector

Integrated protocol-based QA. Comprehensive and Efficient!

IBA Dosimetry myQA Machines Logo

myQA Machines

Integrated protocol-based QA


Patient QA

IBA Dosimetry Product SciMoCa

Monte Carlo Accuracy

Secondary Dose Check & 3D Plan QA

IBA Dosimetry Radiation Product matrixx

MatriXX - Universal Detector Array

Fastest. Most Accurate. Most Reliable.

IBA Dosimetry myQA Patients Logo

myQA Patients

Patient QA solution for gamma verification of dose distributions

IBA Dosimetry Product imRT Phantom Combined Preview

I'mRT Phantom

The smart modular phantom for patient QA

IBA Dosimetry Miniphantom


Phantom-Based Patient QA with
MatriXX Detectors or Films


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