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IBA Academy

IBA Academy

The IBA Academy offers high-level training and expertise for Radiation Therapy and Medical Imaging Dosimetry for healthcare professionals. The IBA Academy training portfolio consists of intensive training courses in small groups, webinars and white papers. You can expect renowned international speakers, state-of-the-art equipment and technology for hands-on trainings as well as latest news in Radiotherapy and Dosimetry. Courses are offered in our ICC International Competence Center and Radiotherapy centers around the world.

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ICC International Competence Center

Our training center, locate in Nuremberg-Schwarzenbruck

  • State-of-the-art technology in Dosimetry
  • Renowned clinical speakers
  • Hands-on training
  • Exchange of knowledge

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Academy ICC IBA Schwarzenbruck - ELEKTA LINAC

Full LINAC at the ICC

The ICC features high-end radiation therapy and medical imaging equipment that allows for clinical trainings of most advanced treatment protocols

  • IT workstations for individual training
  • MONACO 5.1 Monte Carlo treatment planning system
  • SciMoCa Monte Carlo secondary dose check
  • DOLPHIN transmission detectors
  • Full range of Blue Phantom and detectors

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Next training courses

Small Fields and FFF

The new DIN 6809-8 in theory and hands-on-practice

16-17 November 2018 | Nuremberg-Schwarzenbruck

  • Refresher: Basics of Absolute Dosimetry
  • Absolute Dosimetry Protocols (TRS398, TRS277, DIN 6800, TG51)
  • Dosimetry according to DIN 6809/8 for small photon fields
  • Dosimetry for flattening-filter free LINACs
  • Practical exercises

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Striving for the best quality in modern Radiation Therapy

10 - 12 December 2018 | Nuremberg-Schwarzenbruck

This course is part of our Safety and precision through the whole RT process training week

  • Absolute Dosimetry
  • Plan QA
  • Multiple hands-on sessions

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Efficient Beam Scanning and (IMRT) TPS Commissioning

Learn how to commission your Linac and TPS fastest

12 - 14 December 2018 | Nuremberg-Schwarzenbruck

  • Commissioning of FF free LINAC
  • Efficient usage of BluePhantom² / OmniPro-Accept
  • Small field dosimetry

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Einführung in die Konstanzprüfung an digitalen Aufnahme- und Durchleuchtungsgeräten

Grundlagen der Konstanzprüfung nach der Qualitätssicherungsrichtlinie (QS-RL) und DIN 6868-4/ -13/ -157

03. - 04. Dezember 2018 | Schwarzenbruck bei Nürnberg

Praktische Übungen in kleinen Gruppen

  • Konstanzprüfung in der digitalen Projektionsradiographie
  • Konstanzprüfung in der Durchleuchtung
  • Konstanzprüfung an Bildwiedergabesytemen
  • praktische Übungen an einer Siemens Axiom Luminos dRF
  • praktische Übungen am Bildwiedergabesytem

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Imaging QA

Training zur neuen DIN 6868-157: Abnahme- und Konstanzprüfung nach RöV an Bildwiedergabesystemen in ihrer Umgebung

5. Dezember 2018 | Schwarzenbruck bei Nürnberg

  • Abnahme- und Konstanzprüfung nach DIN 6868-157 / QS-RL, 2014
  • Achtung: Ab 1.Mai 2015 muß die Norm zwingend angewendet werden.

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Training at the ICC

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