IBA Dosimetry Product SciMoCa
Monte Carlo. Unlimited.
IBA Dosimetry Product Dolphin

Patient QA

Cutting edge innovations for more efficient and precise patient QA in radiation therapy

IBA offers a broad range of different solutions to perform Patient QA

  • DOLPHIN transmission detector with COMPASS 
  • SciMoCa Monte Carlo second dose check and plan QA
  • myQA Patients with MatriXX
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QA Solutions for Radiation Therapy and more

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COMPASS Patient Dose QA

2-in-1 Plan Verification Solution. 

Calculation-based TPS Check and Measurement-based Delivery Check. Have the choice to measure your plan or to simply re-calculate! 

  • 2-in-1 plan verification solution: Calculate (TPS Check) and/or Measure (Delivery Check)
  • Automatic Verification of your Gamma for a visual “pass” or “evaluate” in seconds
  • Verify the plan in 3D patient anatomy and understand the impact of dose discrepancies

Supports Dolphin transmission detector and MatriXX universal detector array.

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IBA Dosimetry Radiation Product Compass 3D Dose
IBA Dosimetry myQA Patients mainscreen

myQA Patients

Workflow guided comprehensive analysis of planned versus measured treatments in 1D and 2D

myQA Patients is fully integrated in the Patient QA on a global QA platform. It is workflow guided and offers a wide range of algorithms for data processing:

  • 1D and 2D visual and mathematical analysis tools
  • Relative and absolute gamma evaluation
  • Rapid calculation and quick review of results in the software as well as on myQA Cockpit

myQA Patients supports MatriXX universal detector array.

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IBA Dosimetry Product SciMoCa

Monte Carlo Accuracy

Secondary Dose Check & 3D Plan QA

IBA Dosimetry Radiation Product matrixx

MatriXX - Universal Detector Array

Fastest. Most Accurate. Most Reliable.

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Most Advanced 3D Patient QA Measurements

IBA Dosimetry Radiation Product Compass Teaser


2-in-1 Patient Dose QA in
3D Patient Anatomy

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myQA Patients

Patient QA solution for gamma verification of dose distributions

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