IBA Dosimetry Solutions for Tomotherapy
Accuray® TomoTherapy® System ¹

Advanced QA Solutions for TomoTherapy®

Complete high-quality solutions for commissioning and quality assurance of the TomoTherapy® 1) systems.
Your range of QA software and hardware from Relative Dosimetry to Absolute Dosimetry, as well as Patient QA and Monte Carlo based dose check and plan QA.

IBA Dosimetry QA for TomoTherapy

QA Solutions for the Accuray® TomoTherapy® Platform 1)

IBA Dosimetry provides a range of advanced Quality Assurance solutions dedicated and proven for the TomoTherapy® 1) and Radixact® 1) System.

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Relative Dosimetry

IBA Dosimetry Radiation Product Blue Phantom Helix Preview

Blue Phantom Helix

Commissioning & QA for TomoTherapy Radixact®️

IBA Dosimetry myQA Accept Logo

myQA Accept

Platform-based Beam Scanning
uniquely connected to Patient QA and Machine QA

IBA Dosimetry Radiation Product CC04 Teaser

CC04 Ionization Chamber

Small fields and high dose gradients measurements


Absolute Dosimetry


Next-Generation Reference Class Electrometer


Patient QA

IBA Dosimetry Miniphantom


Phantom-Based Patient QA with
MatriXX Detectors or Films

IBA Dosimetry myQA Patients Logo

myQA Patients

Patient QA solution for gamma verification of dose distributions


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