IBA Dosimetry Solutions for Imaging QA
Imaging QA Solutions
for Radiotherapy

Medical Imaging is increasingly important and widely applied in Radiation Therapy.  Dosimetry of these imaging systems like department CT / CT-Sim or IGRT kV imaging systems are important to ensure high imaging quality and as low as possible imaging dose.
IBA Dosimetry offers affordable QA solution for your Beam and Image QA of your x-ray imaging systems.

Medical Imaging

IBA Dosimetry MagicMaX Teaser

MagicMaX Universal

High-end Multimeter solution for
Beam QA in all X-ray modalities

IBA Dosimetry Test Device Primus L

Primus A

Test Device for Quality Checks at
Digital and Conventional Radiographic and
Fluoroscopic X-ray Units

IBA Dosimetry Product IQ Analyzer Primus

IQ Analyzer Primus

Software for automatic image analysis and
quality checks in digital imaging

IBA Dosimetry 3-part PMMA CT-Phantom Teaser

PMMA Phantoms for CT/CBCT

PMMA Phantoms for CTDI measurements

IBA Dosimetry Product Ionization Chamber DCT10-RS

Ionization Chamber DCT10

For DLP (in mGy*cm) and CTDI measurements
at CT scanners